The Best Breakfasts For Weight Loss

brooklyn yogurt

It’s a well-known fact that breakfast is the most important meal of the day; not just because it’s the time when you can get your much needed caffeine fix. Eating a great breakfast will not only give you energy but it will also help you stay fuller longer so that you don’t fall prey to those coffee shop scones that start to look all the more appetizing the hungrier you are.

What should you be eating each morning to help you in your weight loss or wellness goals? The Today Show’s Joy Bauer had the answer:

“Breakfasts that have ample protein can help to boost your metabolism, wake up your brain cells, and sustain your AM energy. Go for a Greek yogurt with fruit, eggs on a whole grain toasted English muffin, or even leftover chicken stir-fry from dinner. And definitely try my Protein Pancakes made with oats, egg whites, vanilla and cinnamon.”

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