Golden Globes Sound Bites

Awards show season is no laughing matter…in fact, we take the months of January and February as seriously as we take December with it’s Christmas, Chanukah and Kwanzaa counterparts. Or, who knows, this could just be a way for us to cope with the emptiness we feel after our holiday-overachieving (see symptoms and cures here).

Either way, come January, we feel the need to throw ourselves into a different sort of defined season; one not characterized by Banuary, cleansing or not having fun in general anymore. While some make due as romantics with the approach of Valentine’s Day, we’re a tad more cynical. We make a Miranda Hobbs-ian kind of champagne-glass-half-empty move and instead throw ourselves and our activities into Awards season.

Today we rounded up the best quotes from actors-turned-potatoheads who are either nominated in Sunday’s festivities, or who are in shows and movies nominated (hey, not everyone can be a winner). Scroll above for bites from talent ranging from Joy’s Robert De Niro to Narcos’ Pedro Pascal!

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