The Best Cheat Day Ideas

What’s a cheat day really? It’s something absolutely necessary at a time like this, when – though we attempt to practice balance – our minds are in serious “cleanse mode” (even if our actions don’t follow). This week we launch the first story of a new series where we pick our favorite Ideal Food Day and choose it as your next cheat day. Either you can cook your way through with recipes we give you, or we’ll suggest where to get each dish! This weekend, you’ll cook your way through it.

Heyo, it’s Friday, time to cheat ‘all day erryday,’ so with the premiere of Shameless this weekend, we threw back to our chat with its star – Shanola Hampton – whose IDF includes cinnamon French toast, cupcakes and seafood fettuccine alfredo…we’d say that qualifies as a decadent day. Scroll through above for Hampton’s picks, and the recipes that go with them!

“I would start with crab cake Benedict and cinnamon French toast. I’d skip lunch and have a huge Italian dinner of lasagna or seafood fettuccine alfredo and pizza. I’d then top of the day with a cupcake, cake, or bread pudding. Desserts are my addiction!” -Shanola Hampton

Read our full interview with Shanola, here. Want more indulgent ideas? Try one of these three mac and cheese recipes.