Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself

2016 is finally upon us, and while I won’t say that everyone is going through this thought process today, I will say there’s a slight chance you woke up this morning with your mind in a sort of fitness frenzied tizzy.

You won’t go to SoulCycle once or twice this week, you’ll start going every single day. You’re getting back into yoga? No, you’re not just getting back into it, you’re doing a thirty-day challenge (meaning yoga every single day) after not having worked out for a month. Or maybe you’ve decided to run the marathon and spend this week going from zero to one hundred, aka no miles on the treadmill to an attempt at six miles at a time in the span of four days. By this point I assume you’re getting the gist; there’s no grey when it comes to some post-new years resolutions…only black and white. But does there need to be?

Albert Einstein said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results. In that capacity, I’d venture to say that come January 2nd, we are all a little insane. Think about it, we make resolutions at a Guinness World Records scale, and the one’s concerning fitness are many times better suited to an Olympic gold medal winner than ourselves. The result? We don’t keep those resolutions, but rather they become a sort of joke post-President’s day – one that we inevitably beat ourselves up about.

I want to set the record straight; I’m by no means trying to take the motivation out of the new year; resolutions are a powerful thing. All I’m proposing is that if we were all a bit more realistic and balanced in making our resolutions, wouldn’t we have a better chance of achieving them?

Rather than vowing to do yoga for the next thirty days straight, maybe try doing yoga twice a week for the month of January. Who knows? You may become so obsessed with it, that incorporating it into your everyday routine becomes a natural progression come March. Doing it every day for the next thirty days after not having done it at all, will no doubt cause you to burn out and very possibly write off yoga till 2017 (when the cycle begins again).

Going Paleo in one day for forever and all eternity, and punishing yourself otherwise, may not be the smartest resolution. Why not make the resolution to try out the diet for a week, and see how you like it? One week is the resolution, and beyond that isn’t something you’re promising yourself, because either way you’ll feel healthier after that week. Maybe you won’t be Paleo forever, but you may have just kickstarted a healthier 2016 for yourself.

As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your resolutions shouldn’t be either. Just like Carrie Bradshaw needs her relationship with “a little bit of milk”, we need our 2016 goals to be diluted with a dose of reality. It’s not setting the bar low, it’s setting you up for success rather than failure.

So get through the next two months – ultimately known as that haunting cleanse time we all come to dread – with the same balance you’d bring to any other month of the year. Life’s too short to do otherwise!


Your Potatoes

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