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Welcome to 2016! We are officially two days into the New Year. It’s easy to fall into the post-holiday slump, so here are six ways to keep you energized this weekend. 

Try this All-Day Energy smoothie from Kris Carr

It might only be day two, but you may be already sick of your post-holiday detox. We are too – read this to reboot

Shonda Rhimes told Grey’s Anatomy star, Camilla Luddington, to “dance it out” when she needs to get rid of some negative emotions. 

Maybe you just need a little bit more sleep this weekend? Here is how you can sleep better

Start 2016 out right. Gabby Bernstein gave us tips on how to be more mindful

Read what foods give Olympic snowboarder Kelly Clark her energy – just in case you will be hitting the slopes this weekend. 


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