The Top 20 Stories of 2015


First off we want to say: We love you. Above all else, you are the readership we value, and the people who keep our jobs fun every single day. When we think of content, we think of what will excite you and in doing so you’ve become the perpetual potatohead voices in our mind, and you’ve no doubt made this year a great one.

That’s why when we looked at what stories to put in our Top 20 list for 2015 above, we of course looked at what you all loved. Whether that was our epic Uber Video with Katie Couric, skin secrets from a French woman who hopefully made your skin glow this year (even more than it already does), Bergdorf Goodman’s Betty Halbreich’s thoughts on everything from ISIS to last memories with Joan Rivers, or a roundup of Paris restaurants whose popularity proves that we will always have Paris’ back (seriously, we’re in the midst of booking our next trip), you’ve proven to love the stories that we love, and for that we love you!

So we want to raise an early New Year’s champagne coup to you, our audience, who are – and always will be — the quintessential new, potato.


Danielle & Laura