Our Holiday Reading List

Vacations or stay-cations always include some form of down time. We all go into a bit of a shock after our busy work week suddenly stops and we either have tons of time on our hands in the privacy of our homes or are traveling via plane, train or car and need a way to make the trip go fast. It also can be unnerving sitting on a beach and realizing that no one’s emailing you…that’s when you need to consider opening a book. The question is, what are the best books to read? We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorites, sure to not only kill time but also be added to your all-time favorite reads list…

1. The Sartorialist X: This book is by far Scott Schuman’s best yet, showcasing a wide variety of subjects – from New Yorkers to cyclists in Varnassi, India. His beautiful photography is a reminder that true personal style can be found in the most unlikely places.

2. Life x Style x Love: It’s no secret that we adore Garance Doré, but we fell even further in love with her after reading this book. Her stories are honest and hilarious and her tone is the perfect amount of self-deprecating — not to mention that her style tips are actually helpful.

3. D.V.: A reading list wouldn’t be complete without something from the great Diana Vreeland. D.V. – her autobiography is full of fascinating stories and quotes that could only come out of her eccentric and bold voice.

4. Brooklyn: A NovelWe loved this story about an Irish girl coming-of-age in Brooklyn. It paints a picture of a Brooklyn we wish we could step back in time to visit.

5. My Life on the Road: Gloria Steinem’s newest book is a must-read for all women. Her voice is still just as relevant today as it was forty years ago.

6. A Moveable Feast: If there were ever a time to re-read Ernest Hemingway’s love letter to Paris, that time is now. It will make you want to fly off to Paris and sit outside at cafés all day long.

7. Here is New York: We re-read this poignant love letter to our favorite city at least once a year, and the holidays are a particularly perfect time to do so.

8. All The Light We Cannot See: This very moving and epic story requires a bit more time than some of the others, but is worth every minute.

9. Yes, Please: Who wouldn’t want to spend a few hours reading something written by one of the funniest women on the planet? We laughed out loud throughout this entire book.

10. The Girl In The Spiders Web: Your ‘make a plane ride fly by’ read for the season.

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