A Guide To Layering

Your office is tired of hearing you say you’re freezing and underdressed when you come in, and then that you’re hot from the heaters on days you’ve worn a sweater with no undershirt in sight (I know my office is sick of me saying that). Seriously though, whether you’re sweater-ed up but with nothing underneath allowing you to strip it off when you’re hot, or you’re just not wearing enough layers at all and hence freezing your buns of, layering clothing in itself is a necessary art form. You can’t complain about fashion limbo anymore…it’s December yo. We’ve provided essentials above, in the order of how they should be layered – thin turtleneck (that basically doubles as an undershirt), cozy sweater, hat, scarf, and a light jacket and/or coat – so now you have no excuses to complain…only solutions.

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Photographed by Danielle Kosann.