5 Tricks To Avoid A Hangover

Scroll through above for 5 ways to drink while avoiding a hangover!

When patients ask me “How can I avoid a hangover?” I know my first response, although scientifically flawless, will be met with an eye-roll: “Don’t drink alcohol.” No matter how medically sound the idea of abstaining to prevent painful mornings-after might be, it’s largely impractical for most of us, especially this time of the year. After all, there’s nothing quite like an office holiday party to turn teetotalers into keg-standers just to get through the stress of that “friendly” conversation with the boss.

The simple truth is that if you drink too much (for you) you will experience some consequences the next day, ranging from just feeling “off your game,” to full-blown, bed ridden, head-exploding-from-the-sound-of-a-pin-dropping misery. There are no miracle cures once the damage is done, but there are some legitimate strategies to lessen the likelihood that you’ll overdo it. Scroll above for my recommendations…

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