How to Make the Perfect Martini

Now that we are in full blown holiday season, your cocktail options seem to be creamy eggnog or sweeter drinks like mulled apple cider and champagne spritzers. But what about the minimalist in you? While we love to indulge in festive imbibing every now and then, we also love to strip away all those added extras and get down with a super clean martini.

Unlike some other vodka brands, Absolut Vodka is made with two ingredients that give it a distinct character: Swedish Winter wheat and pristine aquifer water (no added sugar!). The pristine aquifer water and absence of sugar contributes to the vodka’s clean taste. The Absolut Electrik bottles are limited editions and are the perfect way to cap off your night cap…so to speak. The limited edition Absolut Electrik bottles are Absolut Original Vodka (i.e that super clean taste we know and love) and are the perfect way to raise the energy of your holiday nights. We were inspired by the blue and silver color palette to host a cocktail party, one that combined dark blue hues and bold bright flavors.

The clean taste of the martini melds perfectly with the richness of an intense blue cheese or the bright tangy flavor of a great goat cheese. To offset the tang of the goat cheese, we chose to pair it with wild Maine blueberry jam. To keep the clean aesthetic and taste, we garnished our martini with a cocktail onion soaked in vermouth or a simple lemon twist. Peruse the below recipe to get inspired for your next night copy

The Perfect Vodka Martini


2 ounces Absolut Electrik Vodka

1 fluid ounce Dry Vermouth

1 cup Ice

Cocktail Onions, soaked in Vermouth


Combine vodka, vermouth, and ice in a shaker. Gently shake to chill the vodka and mix with vermouth. Strain into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with cocktail onions.

martini-recipe-with-a-twist copy

In partnership with Absolut. Enjoy Responsibly. Photographed by Alli Shepherd.