A DIY Calming Face Mask

With all the craziness of going out in December to countless holiday parties, your skin – like you – no doubt gets tired, sleepless and stressed. It dragged its tired ass home at 3 AM last night, and we can guarantee if it could talk it would say something like “are you really drunkenly not taking your makeup off before bad? You know this is bad for me.” What can you say? We always hurt the ones we love, but you can make up for that with a DIY calming face mask today. We had facialist to the stars – Joanna Vargas – give us the perfect one this Sunday

Calming Mask

1/2 cup chamomile tea

1 teaspoon rosemary

1 tbsp milk

3 slices cucumber


Apply compresses for 20 minutes to affected area. Cucumber cools and takes away inflammation as does the chamomile and the rosemary. Milk takes away inflammation as well.

Check out this hydrating face mask or try a detoxifying homemade face mask. Photographed by Alli Shepherd.