30 Winter Essentials on Sale Today!

It’s Cyber Monday, and that means it’s time to buy each of your winter essentials in the slideshow above, at – may we say – frigging insane prices. This is the day you complete your cold-weather wardrobe, and get that high when you realize you bought ten things for the price of two. You should be doing it all on Lyst.com. Lyst is a fashion mecca where you get everything in one place: That includes over sixty retailers that today are all on sale in the appropriate Cyber-Monday-fashion. That includes (but is not limited to) some of our personal favorites: Valentino, Equipment, Saint Laurent, Acne, Gucci, J.Crew…you get the picture. Yes, Lyst is the Cyber Monday destination, and it’s where you’ll find us potatoheads till 12am rolls around.

You know how in January you rush to every department store and shop in disbelief at all the boots, coats and sweaters on sale? Cyber Monday is the underrated day to do the exact same thing before having all your holiday vacations, dinner parties and soirees. Why wait until post-New Years when you don’t have nearly as many fun things to wear stuff to? Shop on Lyst.com today and get every winter essential you can dream of, and don’t forget to become a Lystee – aka a potatohead fashion addict that gets alerted to all of their amazing sales that happen year-round.

*In collaboration with Lyst.com