7 Tips For Mustache Maintenance

If you’re a guy, you may be rocking a mustache for Movember, and if you’re a girl you may be dating a guy that’s rocking a mustache for Movember. More power to anyone that’s doing it, but we know that hairy little fella may be getting a little out of control at this point in the month.

That’s why we chatted with actor James Wolk (who was just beginning the growth of his mustache when these photos were taken) – celebrity ambassador of The Movember Foundation – on seven ways to practice great mustache upkeep in this final stretch. Here’s his advice (so jot down notes for your significant other)…

How to Maintain a Good Mustache

1. Confidence; believe in your mustache even in the starting stages. Remember, you have to crawl before you can walk. 

2. Get a great razor. Something that won’t give you razor burn and will give you a nice clean shave.

3. Pair this with a good shaving cream, gel or magic oil. There are a million choices out there. Find the one that works for you.

4. Choose your look. From handle-bar staches to pencil-thin ones, to everything in between, pick your look and rock it. I went with an old-school moustache a la Robert Redford as The Sundance Kid. 

5. Buy a little mustache oil to keep those mustache hairs nice and soft. Your loved ones will appreciate it. Most of these have a good scent to them as well. 

6. Don’t forget maintenance. Combing the hairs down over your lip will show you if the mustache has become unruly. If so, take a small scissors and cut the hairs which fall lower than your upper lip. 

7. Finally, enjoy the ride! People may give you a double-look, as we are living in 2016 and not 1976, but smile right back. You are part of a group of men with moustaches who have done great things in the world!

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*James Wolk, photographed in New York, NY by Danielle Kosann.