The Ultimate Boozy Apple Cider

The King’s Mulled Cider…we’re kind of addicted. If there was ever a time to do DIY boozy apple cider at home, it’s now. With the holiday coming up this week, and more to come in December, the art of the gather is all on you. Part of that art is making special cocktails for your guests – ones that represent the winter coziness we’re all big fans of.

Imagine yourself in a cream cable knit – and your significant other in flannel – sitting in front of a fireplace with an apple cider spiked with The King’s Ginger Liqueur…things are about to get interesting. Here’s one of our favorite recipes for holiday cocktails from one of our favorite partners, The King’s Ginger.

The King’s Mulled Cider:


2 oz The King’s Ginger Liqueur

5 oz Hard Apple Cider

5 oz Fresh Apple Juice


Serve in a handled glass, hot or over ice. Garnish with lemon, cinnamon stick and fresh blackberries.

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