7 Cold Weather Running Essentials

Running is a pastime I enjoy dearly! Running gives me an opportunity to spend alone time and truly get shit done, like develop restaurant concepts, think through menu items and of course look into myself and check in on spiritual level. I also use running to listen and discover new music. It is rare these days that I get time to listen through a whole new album, so I do it when I run. I also run when I travel; it’s the greatest way to explore the new city, town or village I am visiting. Oh, and running is also a great form of exercise!

Obviously, running in the spring/summer/fall, is much more comfortable than running in the winter in NYC. That said, I don’t let the cold and snow keep me from doing what I love. I simply rock the right gear. I’ve recently become a huge fan of Lululemon gear. It holds up really well and the brand totally stands behind their product; they also use stink proof technology, which is a must! Bundling up is a mistake when running in the winter. I like to wear thinner layers with warm, sweat-wicking technology that allow you to stay warm in the beginning of your run, but offer the right amount of breathability when you begin to sweat…yes, you will sweat even in the dead of winter.

When its very cold I always wear a jacket, top layer, base layer, shorts, tights, hat and gloves. See below for my winter running gear selections.

1. Jacket: Obviously an essential piece of gear for colder weather running. Reflective detail is important to keep in mind when looking for an outer shell. Also, think about your outer shell (jacket) as not something that will keep you “warm” but a shield for wind, rain and snow. Your under layers will keep you warm.

2. Top Layer: The layer you wear over your base layer if its very cold! This is a perfect layer to wear alone if it’s not freezing or snowing, or under a jacket on colder days.

3. Base Layer: The first layer that is on the skin. Sweat-wicking and smell proof is what to look for here.

4. Shorts: Shorts to wear over tights to keep your privates shielded and warm. When I look for winter shorts, I look for shorts that don’t have liners, are not bulky and are free moving.

5. Tights: A necessity for the cold weather running, and gives dudes an excuse to wear tights in public. Look for water repellent if you can; something with compression pockets are also a nice touch.

6. Socks: Get a good pair of running socks; your feet and family will thank you later. Look for socks that will keep you warm, wick away sweat and are ideally stink proof as well.

7. Gloves: You’d be silly to run without gloves; cold hands suck in general, especially when you are already sacrificing comfort. Features you want in your gloves include the ability to change a song on your phone, snot wiping, warmth, and reflective detail.

Scroll through the slideshow above to see the best picks for men and women!

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