10 Best Red Wines For Thanksgiving

There is a wine bar in New York City that everyone is talking about, and that wine bar is Aldo Sohm Wine Bar. From the master sommelier at Le Bernardin, this spot has become a midtown favorite of ours (and simply a survival go-to). With Thanksgiving here at last, we realized that everyone is probably wondering what red wines to bring, serve or gift their host!

While last week the guys gave us ten great wines to bring to gift, this week they gave us ten that are perfect to pair for a Thanksgiving. Enjoy, and get tipsy…

1. Simply one of my favorite wines is George Roumier, Chambolle-Musigny, Le Cras, $125. It is %100 Pinot Noir from Burgundy, France with high acidity, delicate tannin and tart earthy fruit.  If you can find it with some age it’s even better!

2. If you are looking for a light bodied Pinot Noir with a bit more roundness and bright ripe fruit on the palate try something from California.  I like the Anthill Farms, Campbell Ranch Pinot Noir, $35 from Sonoma Coast.

3. If you can’t decide between old world and new world go to Patagonia!  Try the Bodega Chacra, Barda, Pinot Noir, $20 from Patagonia, Argentina. It has the high acidity and new world fruit with earthy structure as well.

4. Blaufrankisch is another varietal that is high in acid and low in tannin.  One of my favorites is the Wachter Wiesler, Bela Joska, $19 from Sudburgenland, Austria.

5. Gamay is always one of my favorite varietals to pair with Thanksgiving dinner. Marcel Lapierre, Morgon from Beaujolais, $24 in Burgundy, France has been on my Thanksgiving table a few years in a row.

6. A classic component of Thanksgiving is cranberry sauce. The tart fruit characteristic that it has takes me immediately to Italy.  Try Aldo Conterno Dolcetto d’Alba, $22 from Piedmont, Italy.

7. Another cool wine from Italy in the north of Alto Adige is Pinot Nero. J. Hofstatter, $18 makes a few different bottlings that are fantastic.

8. If you’re looking for something fuller bodied with a little more tannin I would recommend an older vintage Bordeaux from the right bank, with a high content of Merlot.  It has rounder fruit and softer tannins. Chateau Bourgneuf from Pomerol 2003, $29 is one of my favorites.

9. I have to suggest a pairing for dessert or just dessert in a glass. Madiera from the New York Rare Wine Co., $50 has something for everyone in their Historic Collection.

10. If you like a sweeter dessert wine try the sweet dark fruited Maury from Mas Amiel, $40 in Roussillon, France.