The Ultimate 4-Move Ab Workout

Sundays can be a harsh reality. Sometimes it feels best doing a workout and shaking last night’s white wine or martinis off your heels. Enter Patina Miller…the star of Madame Secretary who showed us 4 quick and easy ab workouts to do at home (because really who wants to leave the house today?). Do a few reps, and take comfort in the fact that you feel just a bit tighter than you did this morning. Plus, it’s the perfect thing to do in front of something like a Harry Potter marathon, or a new Netflix obsession. Sometimes it’s better just to go the accessible way, rather than going hard. You can do it, there’s just four of them…next up is Sunday takeout after all.

Read our full interview with Patina Miller. Also, check out this ab work out from Victoria’s Secret model, Sara Sampaio.