How To Pack Your Toiletries

Usually we are proud of the fact that we’re creatures of chaos, but when it comes to traveling and packing, this isn’t a quality that bodes so well. We hit up our dear friend, and the genius Beauty Editor at W Magazine,  Jane Larkworthy (who whipped our skin into shape in this video) for some tips on how to pack our toiletries and personal grooming items. Yes, there is a way to bring your favorite shampoo without it exploding in your bag or getting confiscated at security. Here’s how…

“I have this fantasy of being that expedient, super light traveler, but I fail miserably every time. Either I only pack pants, or I pack shoes that go with nothing, or I forget underwear (Yep. Swear to God). Conversely, I’m constantly shocked when I’m with a colleague (whose carry-on is as small as mine) on a three-or-four-day business trip, and he or she pulls out more than one different coat during the trip. WHERE DID THEY PACK THEM?

And I’m just as spastic with beauty. I usually forget my cleanser, which freaks me out because washing with the hotel bar soap is like nails on a chalkboard.

Anyway, it’s all about minis for me (I know. I’m so unusual). I tap my former self (the low-maintenance one) and carry as tiny amounts of all my products as I can. I’ll scoop a small amount of cleansing balm (either Amanda Lacey, Soveral or SU:M37), guesstimating the amount needed for the number of days, into an old mini jar of some kind – usually recycled from my derm or a sample I got at the office. I can’t tell you how many tiny sample jars I’ve rinsed out and reused with new product. I do the same with fragrance ampoules.

Gross? No! Green! Who cares if the scent gets tweaked! I often take travel time as an opportunity to try a new skin care serum, oil or cream (or bar soap), fingers firmly crossed that it doesn’t cause a breakout.

I leave liquid foundation bottles at home, and pack a cushion one (Sulwhaso or Amore Pacific). Instead of a full shadow palette, I’ll toss in one liquid shadow (usually Armani Eye Tint in Green Iron) and a mini mascara. I always have several, so I tend to mistakenly pack four. Sephora sells groups of minis, so that’s how to get them. I never bring shampoo or conditioner; instead, I pack a mini Klorane Dry Shampoo, the blonde tinted one if the grays are persistent. It can extend a good blowout almost a week.

Most importantly, I must have at least four Burt’s Bees lip balms with me when I travel. I scatter throughout – my tote bag, my beauty kit, my clutch and most pockets. It’s almost a Where’s Waldo situation with my lip balms. Where’s Burt? Maybe it’s no coincidence that my husband’s name is Bert.

– As told by Jane Larkworthy

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