Actor Theo Rossi

It never gets old talking to a multi-faceted guy like actor Theo Rossi. The Sons of Anarchy alum has three films coming out, a production company of his own and a motivational brand called Go Get it LIFE. Plus, he’s a new Father, so we’re not really sure what Rossi can’t do. We chatted with the actor on doing child’s pose with his son each morning and his obsession with raw almond butter.

From start to finish, what would be your ideal food day? 

I’m addicted to having fruits and almond butter in the morning. Throughout the day, I am huge on stuff that I call real food. I’m munching on anything fresh and healthy – vegetables, raw cashews/almonds, hummus, and 80-90% dark chocolate. I am a person that thrives on really healthy foods and I feel terrible when I eat anything different.

How do you always start your day? 

It’s been a variation of the same thing for seven to eight years. Coffee (espresso-type coffee), a scoop of almond butter, a protein shake, which is made with a vegan protein, egg whites and flax milk, and either a pear or an apple.

If I’m not filming really early and leaving for work when it is still dark out, then my morning routine starts with watching my five-month-old son stretch and smile. We both do child’s pose; he is way more flexible than I am. I let my dogs out in the backyard to run, and then I start making breakfast so it’s ready just in time for my wife and son to come down and start their day. Then the entire family – wife, baby, three dogs and myself – goes for a mile long walk to get the day started. We talk about everything from work to personal. This helps us to clear our heads and prepare for the day to come. After our walk, I make sure to run a few miles before really diving into my day.

What are your go-to grooming must-haves? 

The first thing that comes to mind would be coconut oil or any Kiehl’s products to moisturize. My friends at Kiehl’s are the best…I’m Kiehls’d-up at all times. I use a plethora of lip balm (all-natural), – I’m big on those – a Sonicare toothbrush, tongue scraper, and floss. Tea tree oil toothpicks are a must-have.

What would your last meal be? Who would it be with?

My last meal would be sweet potatoes with syrup and cinnamon, raw almond butter because I’m addicted to it, a kick-ass pizza from one of my regular spots – like Denino’s in Staten Island – and then some great dark chocolate afterwards.

The people who would be with me are all of the people who are the closest to me in my life…those who have been with me from the beginning (my family and friends). I know people answer this in different fashions – they may say a favorite idol that they’ve never met – but for me, it would be those who mean the world to me and I actually know.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? 

As someone who is always searching and always learning, I would say that I’ve received a lot of good advice. The first best advice would be, “Eat to live, don’t live to eat.” The one that I say most now that I have heard a lot of is, “Slow down and look around. It’ll all be over in a blink”

What advice would you give your younger self? 

I don’t know if I could have given myself any advice. If I tried I don’t think my younger self would have listened. But if I tried and he did listen, I would say that whenever you think, “Why is this happening?” remember that “Everything is for a reason, and it all means something.”

Do you like to cook? What are your go-tos?

I do. I love to cook. My go-tos are omelettes – an egg white omelette with almost anything you can imagine in it. I’m a big omelette guy.

Do you have any gift ideas for a significant other? 

The best gift givers are the ones that know their significant others very well. It’s not so much the gift; it’s how well you listen. Just listen and you will know exactly what the perfect gift is for them.

What are your favorite NYC spot to eat and drink? LA? 

In NYC, Spring Street Natural and Dominick’s Bakery & Café and Denino’s Pizzeria in Staten Island.

In LA, Four Café in Eagle Rock and Black Market Liquor Bar in Studio City.

If you could host a dinner party with any five people living or dead, who would be there? What would you cook? What would your quote of the evening be? 

The five people that I would be privileged to have at my dinner party would be Charlie Chaplin, Paul Newman, Martin Luther King, Jr., Edith Piaf, and Mary Magdalene. Since I am throwing the party I would have a plus one, my wife.

I would cook an enormous breakfast; omelettes, fruit, waffles, pancakes; you name it. Everyone loves breakfast, even at dinnertime.

The quote of the evening would be “What a long strange trip this is.”

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*Theo Rossi, photographed at Spring Spring Natural in New York, NY by Danielle Kosann. Theo wears All Saints pants, Scotch & Soda jacket, and a Bailey hat