How To Stop Dry Skin

Feeling dry and helpless, like nothing you do can fix your flaky skin? Us, too, Potatoheads. There’s no shame in admitting that winter winds and cold wreak havoc on our skin, especially since we learned that some of our favorite beauty gurus suffer from dry skin as well. We need a solution, stat. Who better to help us than Town & Country’s esteemed Beauty Director, Jamie Rosen? Read below for her dry-skin fighting routine…

“To prevent or get rid of dry, patchy winter skin, cleanse the face with a gentle exfoliator followed by a milky cleanser, so as not to strip the skin. Avoid anything with alcohol as one of the first few ingredients, as it’s super drying. For moisturizers, you want things that actually penetrate but also create a bit of a barrier on skin.

The new sleep masks that are so popular are really great because they are basically intense moisturizers that you load on at night and don’t wash off. In the morning, you wake up with smooth, hydrated, dewy skin. The classic one is by Dr. Jart, but Olay and Fresh have new ones that are great as well. For the patchy areas, use a balm like Neal’s Yard Wild Rose Beauty Balm. You can apply this throughout the day or whenever you need it. The last one is for babies, but it works just as well on grown-up skin.

For the body, use Fresh Brown Sugar or an another scrub with an oil base. It leaves a film afterwards, but in a good way. Then follow with a heavy moisturizer. Kiehl’s Crème de Corps is an oldie but goodie.

If all else fails, there’s Aquaphor.”

– Jamie Rosen

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