10 Best Red Wines To Give As Gifts

There is a wine bar in New York City that everyone is talking about, and that wine bar is Aldo Sohm Wine Bar. From the master sommelier at Le Bernardin, this spot has become a midtown favorite of ours (and simply a survival go-to). With the holidays here at last, we realized that history is cyclical (as they say) and the inevitable is going to happen: lots and lots of gift-giving.

While last week the guys gave us ten great wines to bring to a dinner party, this week they proved red wine can actually be the perfect holiday gift. Here are ten great ones to give as presents…

1. For a great value gift under $20:

Domaine Faillenc Saint Marie, Corbieres, France, $15

Domaine du Grapillon d’Or 1806 Vacqueyras, France, $19

Petri Pinot Noir, Pfalz, Germany, $18

2. For the wine lover who has tried everything:

Francois Ganevat, Jura, France, $75

Vinkara, Kalesik Karasi, Turkey, $15

Quinta do Casal Branco, Ribatejo, Portugal, $5

Cleto Chiarli, Vecchia Modena, Lambrusco di Sorbara, Italy, $14

3. For an impressive gift between $50-$100

Antica Terra, Botanica, Pinot Noir, Oregon, $75

Branaire Ducru, Saint Julien, Bordeaux, France 2008, $76

Christophe Mignon’s Blanc de Noir Champagne, $56 is white in color, but made from %100 Pinot Munier and it’s fabulous!

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