10 Perfect Hostess Gifts

You’ve possibly helped her with the dishes before, but essentially she’s never been to your house because you’re finding yourself always eating dinner at hers. She’s a true Monica Gellar from Friends because chances are she repeats “I’m always the hostess,” to herself when feeling insecure about a dinner party happening down the street. Her tea party’s been the best tea party since she was a mere seven years of age and if she does come to a soiree you throw, your fear is palpable. We all love her, and we also know how obsessed she is with hosting, which is why we’ve curated a list of gifts for the perpetual hostess. Shop away, and make sure to study your dinner party faux pas…

*Excuse us that for the sake of this all sounding smooth, we used the pronouns “she” and “her” in this article exclusively, but realize there may be male hosts or those shopping for the male host reading this!

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