Best Gifts For The Food-Obsessed

Sure we call ourselves the anti-foodie foodies, but we are still obsessed with anything and everything food. Our day-to-day lives revolve around the three meals we consume the same way the earth revolves around the sun. Whether we’re making the meal, getting inspiration to bake something beyond our skillset or discovering a restaurant through a great new cookbook, we’re no doubt potatoheads who love to receive gifts revolving around food.

Our site proves we’re not alone on this. There’s clearly other women out there that might prefer a Vitamix to a perfect blazer cape, or an April Bloomfield cookbook to Charlotte Olympia flats. In a perfect world, we’d get all of it; but let’s not be greedy little elves just yet (that’s for when we have New Years Resolutions to atone). Above are 10 perfect gifts for the food-obsessed friend who’s always hosting your intimate weekend gatherings…

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