Laura & Danielle’s Morning Routine

When it comes to addressing our potatohead morning routines (something we always get from our tastemakers but never think to answer ourselves) we come to one very simple realization: We’re not the best version of ourselves until we have a cup of coffee. In fact, if Vogue ever wanted a very shocking, yet very real Before and After piece, they could just drop in on us and take our photograph pre-and-post-coffee.

So how do we still aim to keep things elevated before sunrise? If there was ever a way to add sophistication to one’s DIY morning coffee experience, it would be with the coveted new Nespresso machine –VertuoLine Evoluo – which we were happy to discover brews both large-cup coffee and authentic espresso. We’ve always been obsessed with Nespresso; its recyclable capsules are more like a rainbow of blends and single-origin coffees that make us feel like baristas in the comfort of our kitchens – and like we’re experiencing a cup above.

While we always ask our tastemakers “How do you start your day?” we never think about the fact that our readers might be curious about the same thing when it comes to our sister founders – Danielle and Laura Kosann. Both have always loved Nespresso, and not just because of the fact that they’ve been able to make customized picks in terms of their machine, capsules and even milk frothers based on their separate taste, preference and lifestyle. See how the two always start their mornings. Spoiler alert: It includes avocado toast, white and black Nespresso aeroccinos and face oil…

Laura’s Morning Routine:


Coffee is my first priority in the morning! I love it with a bit of steamed soy milk. At around 6:30 upon rising, I b-line to the machine immediately because I’m most definitely not my best me without it. This may be my favorite moment of the morning – just sitting back in bed with my piping cup of coffee. My dog Scout hops up on the bed and curls up next to me and I get on my computer to catch up during the only slow part of my day.

I peruse Twitter to get a quick fix on all news – both of the pop culture and political persuasion. Sometimes I’ll mix in a hard copy of the New York Times or Porter because I can’t stand always reading everything on a screen – call me old-fashioned. Some mornings are more absorbent than others content-wise, and either way after about forty-five minutes of reading I brush my teeth, then take Scout outside – sometimes to Central Park to play fetch or sometimes for a two or three mile brisk paced walk (which fortunately or unfortunately I consider my workout). When we get back I feed Scout first (obviously) and then make myself yogurt, granola and berries and throw on a face oil like Rodin Olio Lusso – I love how it preps my skin for my tinted moisturizer, which is usually the extent of my beauty routine on weekdays. After that Scout and I are off to the office, but not before squeezing in one more cup of coffee…

Danielle’s Morning Routine:


I wake up around 7am and the first thing I do is make a coffee topped with a bit of steamed almond milk. I can’t function without coffee so that’s the first place I go. I usually put on the Today Show in the background, catch up on some emails or edit some photos, and maybe read or sketch a little bit to clear my head before the day. Sometime I’ll squeeze in a quick workout, then I’ll make breakfast – usually a green smoothie and/or avocado toast on whole grain bread topped with sriracha. (Most likely I’ve also made a second coffee at this point…) After I shower, I put on some sort of face oil – right now I’m really loving the La Mer Renewal Oil. I don’t usually wear much makeup during the day, but I’ll always use a bit of tinted moisturizer and a lipstick. Then I’m out the door to the office, meetings, or a shoot!

*Sponsored by NespressoPhotographed by Alli Shepherd.