Best Bites

Happy Halloween Potato-heads! Did you think we would let this weekend’s reads slip by without rounding up our favorite festive stories? Not a chance. Read on to be inspired by last minute costumes and adult trick-or-treating, if you dare…

If you are of the lazier set and have nothing to wear tonight, rock one of these costume eye looks to bring it all together.

Remember that time we went trick-or-treating with Modern Family’s Aubrey Anderson-Emmons? No? Watch the video here

Too cool to do the trick-or-treating thing? Go see Paranormal Activity with Brit Shaw.  

Here are five costumes that you might already own.

Maybe you want to go the extra mile and make your own halloween candy. Here are three different recipes.

If you are swearing off Halloween all together, you can still be kind of festive – try this DIY pumpkin face mask that will make your skin glow. 


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