Stephanie March

There’s nothing actress Stephanie March does that we don’t want to follow. We’re being followers…so sue us. Besides our inordinate obsession with all things Law and Order SVU (don’t mess with Alexandra Cabot), we’re also addicts when it comes to March’s makeup salon Rouge NY, which is no doubt the Drybar of cosmetics – and is definitely where you want to get your makeup done for Halloween this weekend.

March told us the worst advice she received this year was being told to chop off her hair because she’d look fabulous, but what’s really frustrating is that she actually would. She’d look fabulous in anything, which is why we plugged her for beauty tips, food advice and wellness secrets…so listen closely.

From start to finish, what would be your ideal food day? 

I’d wake up to a homemade chai latte with ginger, cardamom, black pepper, cinnamon and sugar. Very occasionally I will make this and I always regret not doing it more. This is followed by Siggis yogurt and a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich.

Lunch is a sprawling three-hour affair with wine, cheese, steak frites, a little warm winter salad, exactly three bites of someone else’s dessert (feeling very semi-freddo about things lately) and a nap.

Dinner is take out from Goa Taco (tacos made with Indian paratha, my latest obsession) and gin and tonics.

What are your morning and nightly go-to beauty routines?

In the morning, I do a rinse with hot water, wipe off any excess makeup from the night before with my L’Oreal Age Perfect night cream, and slather my face, neck, and arms with either Neutrogena oil-free moisturizer SPF 35 or the L’Oreal Silky Sheer sun lotion SPF 50. For my everyday makeup I dab on some Amazing Concealer, a Julie Hewett cheekie in “Peachie” for my cheeks and lips, mascara (waterproof) and a taupe eyeshadow from Kevyn Aucoin’s ‘The Essential’ Eyeshadow Set. I dye my brows and often have eyelash extensions as I am pretty fair and my face tends to fade out without that.

At night, I wash with Cetaphil, slather myself with the L’Oreal Age Perfect night cream and use the Rouge Daily Healing Serum on my eyes, elbows, and any other dry spots. In the winter it is particularly great for dry legs.

How do you practice beauty from the inside out?

For the last two years I have had health issues and I have not been able to work out. I just started back at Physique 57 and I already feel stronger and more toned. Also, I try to walk as many places as possible. I live in Tribeca and so much of my life happens downtown. In good weather there is very little reason to take a cab. And I don’t diet. I make a real effort not to eat processed foods and I try to keep the fries and bread to a minimum but mostly, I just don’t overthink it. And I never eat when I am not hungry.


What is the best advice you have ever received? What is the worst? Why? 

The best advice I ever received was this year: “Now is not the time to stop being the person you always have been. People show up for you because of who you are, not what you can do for them.” And she was right. I am utterly blessed with good friends and family.

The worst advice I ever received was 

“You should cut off your hair. You would look great.”

Advice that you would give your younger self…

Learn another language, dummy.

What has your personal mantra always been? Or if it’s changed, what was it and what has it changed to? 

“Clear Eyes Full Hearts Can’t Lose.” It’s the Texan in me.

Where do you love to travel? 

It would be easier to list where I don’t want to travel. Right now I have Mexico City, Berlin, and Egypt on the horizon.

With the holidays coming up, what’s your usual holiday packing checklist?

It seems like there are always so many pairs of boots for this one – day boot, over-the-knee boot, and night boot. Honestly, I need to cut back. I am a big fan of the travel day dress – you know, the one that is casual enough to throw on for any reason but can be dressed up for Thanksgiving dinner? I just bought a beautiful dress from Duro Olowu that will serve that purpose nicely. I also bought a black leather jumpsuit from RtA. I will wear it in Berlin and pretend I am a Cold War spy.

In the same vein, what are some tips you’d give to stay healthy and balanced when entering the holidays? 

This year? It’s been quite a year. My holiday is going to consist only of hugging everyone I love 1000 times over, while holding a bottomless glass of champagne and stuffing my face with cheese biscuits. Life is short.

What are five things you’re coveting right now?

RtA leather pants and a Sonia Rykiel blazer cape. I just moved, so I have house and home on the brain. Garza Marfa is my current vibe. These simple candle holders from Eno Studio are so chic and easy. Every year I buy all the books shortlisted for Booker Man Prize. The Strand has a personal shopper (good news, right?) and she will pull anything you want from their stock and send it to you.

The trend bothering you most right now, and why…

The campaign to bring down Planned Parenthood. It is an outrage.

Do you have any favorite red wines to bring to dinner parties? What are five you love? 

Kyle MacLachlan used to be my neighbor. He gave me a fabulous bottle of his Pursued by a Bear 2010 Cabernet and it became a new favorite. I also love a good Chaeauneuf du Pape, such as Clos du Papes, and Saint Julien makes a nice Bordeaux. You will never go wrong with a good Pinot from the Willamette Valley. My absolute favorite is made by my one of my best friends, Liz Symon. Her LuLu 62 is wonderful and served at all of her restaurants, and her house. I guess I don’t bring it so much as go to her place and drink all of hers.

Could you give us ten go-to NYC spots for great cozy, winter cocktails?

Smith & MillsBrandy LibraryLibrary Bar at the Nomad, Smyth HotelMarlton HotelThe Polo BarCocotteDanielJune Wine Bar, and Maison Premiere.

Ten spots for a great cozy, New York dinner…

See above with the addition of Lure Fishbar, Claudette, The Odeon, Café Cluny, and Batard.

In the same vein as ‘what is the new black’ in fashion, what’s the new potato right now?

Eyebrows. Eyebrows are having a year-long moment. Kempt, filled in, and a shade darker than one’s hair color.

Remember when Stephanie gave us an epic guide to Paris? Rouge NY also taught us three ways to do our Halloween makeup at home

*Stephanie March, photographed at Lupulo in New York, NY by Danielle Kosann. Stephanie wears Sonia Rykiel jeans and Jimmy Choo shoes