How To Keep Hair Healthy

Scroll through above for how to keep hair healthy from Garren, Nicole Kidman’s hair stylist!

When the air dries up, so does our hair. Those perfectly beachy waves we were rocking all summer? They’re looking dull and lifeless come fall. The wind outside and heaters inside seriously take a toll on our manes, making it prone to breakage and frizz.

With all the hat hair and needing to use our blow-dryers more frequently, we can’t catch a break. Hence, we plugged our go-to hairstylist Garren for tips. Did we mention Madonna is a client of his? Garren is a favorite hair stylist of ours here at TNP and his clients range from Scarlett Johansson to Nicole Kidman to Victoria Beckham. With the cold weather upon us, we could think of no better person to plug for tips on nixing split ends and maintaining healthy hair

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