Tone Your Arms Fast

I mean…long workouts do get us to that hangry point, right? Fitness regimens that last forever make us feel like we haven’t eaten in forever, even if a cupcake situation happened a mere forty-seven minutes beforehand (obviously the way we feel is more important than factual events, duh).

It’s why we plugged actress Patina Miller for how she gets her abs and arms to look the way they do, and ways that it can happen in a snap. Literally, wouldn’t it be brilliant if there was a workout that takes as long as snapping one’s fingers? Tracey Anderson? Tony Horton? Jane Fonda? Bueller, anyone? We feel so misunderstood.

But lo and behold, it was Miller who gave us five fast arm workouts to do in the comfort of our own homes, because – as it is the holidays – we like to feel we’re at least making an attempt to try to tone quickly between turkeys

Patina’s Quick Arm Work Out: 

12 pushups (knees are fine), three times


12 tricep dips, three times (use chair or bench)


20 arm circles (forward), three times


20 arm circles (backward), three times


12 commandos on each side, three times

Want more quick work outs? Try this plank work out from Sara Sampaio.