Costume Eyes 3 Ways

So you’re going to a Halloween party this weekend somewhat reluctantly…aren’t we all? If you’re a die-hard Halloween fan, don’t take offense; we know you’re out there and we applaud you – we just happen to be somewhat lazy. We can tend to be a bit like those girls that throw on a dress, add ears, and say…

Because like, duh, who would’ve missed that? For serious though, when we get lazy with costumes and makeup on this scariest of holidays, sometimes the great equalizer is some sort of an eye situation. Whether you’re going for any of the following clichés – rocker, smoldering, or seventies – we’ve got you covered, thanks to our friends at Rouge NY (where you should definitely get your makeup done for this weekend). Here are tutorials for each…

General Tips:

1. Whenever playing around with any fun eye makeup looks, always start with the eyes first. It makes for easy cleanup under the eye and you won’t have to re-apply any foundation or concealer.

2. Prime your lid! It ensures your eye makeup will stay put all day and night. A little concealer set with a press powder works great!

Look 1: Smoldering


1. After priming, start out with a light cream color right under your brow (maybe with something with shimmer to keep some lightness on the eye.

2. Then go deep. Choose whatever darker color you like and place it directly on your lid. Keep it close to your lash line and gently blend up.

3. Once you achieve the depth you like, add liner along your bottom lash line.

4. Then smudge out that liner with a dark eyeshadow.

5. To get an even more intense smolder, add liner to your inner waterline as well.

Look 2: Rocker



1. To get an edgy rocker look, step outside the box by adding fun extra details that up the drama.

2. After priming, using a gel liner with a small pointed brush for easy control, place a line across your upper lash line, whatever thickness you desire.

3. To create the wing, start out making a line from the outer corner of your lashes on a diagonal up and out. This will be the bottom edge of the wing.

4. From this point you can make one more line starting at the end point of the wing going down to your lash line.

5. Now you should have a hollowed out space, just fill it in and you’ve got your perfect cat eye!


Look 3: 70’s

1. Pick out three colors for the lid. After priming, place your first color in the inner part of the eye (green).

2. Then, blend your second color in the center of the lid (yellow).

3. Next place your third color (red) on the outer corner.

4. To create more dimension, take one more color – we used grey – in the crease of your eye.

5. Add mascara and you’ll be spreading 70’s love wherever the night takes you!

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