5 Cures For All Winter Dryness

Sandpaper can be very useful when it comes to things like building a chair a-la Aidan’s loveseat for Charlotte and Trey on Sex and the City, your new whittling hobby (because who doesn’t whittle?), or even when you’re building the home of your dreams (which we’re sure you’re all in the midst of doing right now, especially in Manhattan).

Sandpaper is not- however – something you want your skin to resemble in the dead of winter. Recently we realized that we should probably put together some sort of an all-star team when it comes to curing Fall and Winter dryness (you know, the beauty girl’s version of a Fantasy Football League). We wanted to put out five products for five dry skin conditions that are plaguing us as we try to focus on other things like finding a mate (it’s almost flannel-wear/Starbucks decorative cup season after all), throwing holiday soirees for no good reason, and cooking more baked goods than we can keep track of…because it’s almost November damn it and we frigging can.

Dryness can take shape below our nails, all over our bodies (which at some point mid-December begin to resemble our favorite croc-bag), on our faces, through our chapped lips and of course on our hands. So what to do about it? We already told you ten broader ways to fight it from facialist to the stars, Joanna Vargas, but above is your Cliff Notes: a short list of five fab products you need for the season. Channel more of a shaved poodle texture this winter; that basilisk look from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is so 5 years ago…

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