Winter Is Coming

Even though it just so happens to be warm today (although, building heaters have been turned on, so we’re all awkwardly sweating in our apartments and offices, how has mankind not found a solution to this?) all in all there’s been an influx of super-cold weather that’s now thrust us even more into the fall-fashion-limbo we spoke about the other week. But this week there’s a little something we like to call food-and-drink-limbo (in other words attempting to let go of those things we’ve been consuming with serious gumption that we’re about to have withdrawal from) that we’d also like to address.

For example, are you trying to hold back from ordering rose and iced coffee when it’s below 60, but failing miserably? The first step is admitting you have a problem.

It’s October and let’s be real, this is how things may still look in your mind:


This is how things are in reality:


Raise your hand if you’ve recently asked the bartender for rose, even though the fireplace is going and everyone surrounding you is holding cabs and pinots: Hand raised, guilty as charged.

Say yay if you’ve held iced coffee stubbornly on your morning commute in the past week, even though your hands are blue, you’ve definitely lost feeling in your fingertips and that sensation is moving down to your palms. Yay.

Wiggle with it if you’ve either bitten into a dangerously hard peach or plum this month or bought a delicious peach or plum that’s been pumped with so many chemicals it’s hard to reckon its original form. We’re wiggling.

Say ay if you still have a rooftop party coming up this weekend at which you’ll be freezing your ass off. Ay.

It’s time to embrace those Fall and Winter foods we’re so excited about. Put down that zucchini, and pick up a hunk of butternut squash. Nix the branzino, and cook up some pork, rack of lamb or a little something we like to call the perfect roast chicken (aka Jonathan Waxman’s roast chicken).

If you don’t listen to us, listen to the most listened-to man in Hollywood right now…


George R.R. Martin. Winter is coming.

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