Palm Springs Photo Diary

Last week, on a quick trip to Palm Springs, I kept a little photo diary. From bare, desert mountains, over which the most insane sunsets I have ever seen happened, to the Jonathan-Adler-designed Parker Palm Springs (one of the coolest hotels I’ve stayed at recently), I tried to capture just a few of my favorite moments from the trip.

A few notable spots…

The ParkerThe lemonade stand by the pool won me over immediately, but I was also pretty taken with the numerous hidden lawns (bonfires, croquet, hammocks, Bocce…you name it) that were peppered throughout the property.

Kings HighwayThe restaurant at the Ace Hotel (which actually feels like a chic, run-down motel, if you can imagine what that might look like) was a definite highlight, if for no other reason than being able to get Stumptown Coffee in the middle of the desert.

Palm Springs Aerial Tramway: Full disclosure, I’m really not a tramway kind of person, but the mountain views just driving up to get there are enough of a reason to experience it. It’s probably the best way to take in Palm Springs if you haven’t been. The tram building itself is a mid-century modern architecture landmark.

Design DistrictBasically real-estate-porn for any fan of mid-century modern architecture and furniture design, the design district is a mecca for vintage furniture. It’s also full of amazing storefronts and typefaces, if you’re into that sort of thing…

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