10 Ingredients Chefs Can’t Live Without

With Fall upon us, and the cool weather arriving, we find ourselves wanting to cook more and more. Sitting at the office appearing as if we’re looking at our computers, we’re actually thinking about getting home, throwing on a cozy cashmere and heating up the oven with one hand while balancing a goblet of red wine in the other. Whether it’s that perfect roast chicken, a classic New York strip steak, or butternut squash more ways than we can count, our autumn list of homemade staples could go on forever.

While we fancy ourselves semi-talented home cooks, we are always curious about what things look like in the homes of actual professional chefs. What do they love to cook with? What ingredients are they convinced make anything and everything better? These are only some of the questions we always ask of the real food professionals on The New Potato. In order to spice up your cookery life, we thought we’d present ten ingredients ten talented chefs can’t live without. Peruse the list above to find out what your next DIY meals will be made of…

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