Top 10 NYC Spots For Oatmeal

A bad breakfast is the equivalent of getting up on the “wrong side of the bed”…it throws the whole day off. We’re big believers that breakfast is the most important meal in that it sets the tone for the whole day. While we’ve given you our favorite spots for other morning staples like bagels and coffee, we’ve never shared our favorite hubs for oatmeal (which for us is the definitive fall breakfast go-to). 

Whether you like yours sprinkled with fruit, mixed with cinnamon, peppered with walnuts or smothered in honey: There’s something here for everyone. Where to get the best oatmeal in New York City? Peruse above to start doing weekday breakfast right…

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joseph-leonard-veritcal-oatmeal-mixed-berries-west-village-new-york-city copy

Photographed by Tanya Maithai.