The Top 25 Chinese Delivery Spots

Carrie Bradshaw was accurate when she described her post-breakup time with Big as “greasy Chinese, sleeping till noon and feeling…restless.” Chinese food can be a good friend post the demise of a relationship, and it goes really well with sleeping till noon.

The one thing Bradshaw left out though was the universality of Chinese food. We could be in the most fulfilling, happiest relationship of our lives, and Chinese takeout would still be a close second (heck, it might even come in first for some of us).

New York is an instant gratification kind of city, and good Chinese is no exception to that rule. Where are our favorite twenty-five spots to call up or order online for delivery? Explore the delicious variety above, and if you become too much of a regular at any one of them, you can order online so you don’t have to “bear the takeout food shame” as Miranda did with that snooty girl from Shanghai Garden. (Sorry, we’ve been watching a lot of Sex and the City).

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Header image Photographed by Tanya Maithai.