Get Ali Larter’s Beauty Routine

If you didn’t say the byline to this story to yourself upon seeing the photo of Ali Larter looming on our homepage, we’re not really sure where your heads at. All we know is, after photographing this actress, her morning and nightly product go-tos became somewhat of an obsession of ours. We didn’t have to search high and low, Larter let us in on her coveted skincare secrets, and we’re doing the same for you.

We know shopping’s your cardio, but you can find Larter’s whole routine online; so why not start with that this weekend, then hit Barneys? Capeesh?

What are your morning and nightly beauty routines?

I’m a mother of two with a new baby at home right now, I start a lot of days by slapping water on my face. I’m lucky if I get my teeth brushed. If I have to be up and out of the house, it’s always Cetaphil cleanser, an Elizabeth Arden Ceramide capsule, then Dayle Breault Skincare Moisturizer andShiseido 50. At night (if I wash my face…nights sometimes go the same as mornings) it’s Cetaphil again, Lancer Younger Serum, Crème de la Mer, and Dayle’s eye cream. Night-time beauty may happen twice a week…always working on it!

What’s your go-to if you feel your skin needs a quick sprucing?

Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Capsules, and a spritz of water.

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