10 Great Dinner Party Games

What to play at a dinner party? Your guess is as good as ours. Do you sometimes feel like playing games during gatherings you host, but never seem to pick that perfect festivity (besides drinking) that keeps everyone entertained and alert? Worry no more, we plugged nine of our favorite tastemakers for their favorite games to play; turns out, Bobbi Brown is a fan of tequila pong…


1. Simon DoonanJonathan and I installed a ping-pong table in our living room. As a result, every dinner party descends into an insane chaotic competitive smack-down.


2. Claire Distenfeld: Celebrity! I always do Jeff Goldblum. Such a stumper.


3. Steph March: Funny Bones – It’s like Twister but you draw cards instead of spin a wheel. You and your partner try to achieve whackier and whackier positions until someone breaks. Vintage from the sixties. I first played it at my friend, Maneesh Goyal’s apartment. His Indian parents discovered it when they moved to the states and they loved it. They shared it with me.


4. Katie Lee: I love Cards Against Humanity, Heads Up or Charades.


5. Ariel Foxman: I absolutely love Celebrity. And yes, I have a major advantage, so there’s always that.


6. Rebecca Minkoff: Running charades!


7. Melissa Hemsley: Murder Mystery’s dinners are guaranteed fun. The whole idea sounds a bit silly and preconceived at first but as everyone gets dressed up and into their character the excitement and hilarity starts and only gets better as a few glasses of wine are consumed (you don’t want to hear our attempts at some of the accents). The best bit is probably getting out of your own head and having a night of fun with both friends and strangers where you don’t have to make small talk about what you do, who you are or what you’re up to – in real life anyway!


8. Bobbi Brown: Tequila Pong. Or good old karaoke…to hip-hop

daphne oz diet

9. Daphne Oz: Never Have I Ever and Story…basically, people who raise their hand have to regale the table with all the gory details of their never-have-I-ever moment.

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