The Best Bites

Happy Saturday Potato-heads! Tomorrow marks October 11. ‘What’s so special about October 11’ you ask? On October 11 in 1975 the very first episode of Saturday Night Live premiered and thank God it did. The world would have a lot less laughs in it today without Lorne Michaels’s creation.

If you love old-school SNL as much as we do read this interview with Ana Gasteyer.

Ana Gasteyer loves her CSA in Dumbo, so does everyone else living in Brooklyn

You know which other SNL alum we love? Andy Samberg. Get the skinny on him and his show, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, from star Melissa Fumero.

Melissa Fumero says she will take coffee over candy any day. We agree. Here are the top 10 coffee places in NYC, LA, or San Francisco.

Speaking of funny stuff, read what happened when Laura tried meditation.

For a real laugh, watch how Laura discovers Uber ratings.


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