Are You In Fall Fashion Limbo?

Getting up in the morning and getting ready for the day the last two weeks has been a mystery for me of sorts. I wake up and see that it’s incredibly dark out, despite the fact that it’s 7:30 AM, so I assume it’s below sixty degrees outside and excitedly pack on the fall and winter layers: My quintessential leather pants, a sandstone cable-knit underneath a camel coat and of course, my golden goose sneakers (because it’s not quite boots weather yet…or is it?)

It’s clear I haven’t got the weather down the second I step outside. After only walking with my dog Scout for five to ten minutes, I seem to be breaking a sweat under my sweater. At the same time though, I’m feeling cold on that stretch of skin between my cropped pants and my sneakers. I’d figured it was too hot for socks and great black ankle boots, but too cold for a quintessential white tee rather than the cableknit I’d chosen. And though I am sweating, when I see a girl with a silk scarf tied perfectly around her neck, I wish I’d sprung for one. Who knew it was scarf weather yet?

To make matters worse, the darkness has suddenly given way to sunlight, and I’m too far from my apartment to go back for my tortoise shell sunglasses. I don’t want to show up to the Le Pain Quotidien kiosk in Central Park on a sunny morning without shades…what will the community think?

It suddenly strikes me that I’m in a sort of couture limbo. I realize “limbo” is a dramatic word to use, but that stretch between summer and the time fall has really hit leaves us all in a sort of existential fashion crisis. Let’s face it: the reason so many of us get colds is because we’re wearing cropped denim when we should be wearing skinny leather leggings, or our favorite army jacket when we should be moving on to a great navy overcoat. 

Between that and the bizarre way our office temperatures are being handled – some with the heat blasting, others with no heat at all yet – we are half and half versions of ourselves. Fifty percent of the day our fingers are blue and we’re hunched at our desks yelling, “Is it freezing in here or is it just me?” to nobody at all. The other fifty percent we’re standing on a crowded subway in flustered regret over this morning’s choice of a thick leather motorcycle jacket.

While I wish I could give a clear solution to the issue, the reality is that I seem to reflect my closet these days: slightly non-committal, presenting a somewhat bizarre mix of warm and cold weather product.

It was this week I decided to approach the change in fashion weather the same way I would the change in food weather, with complete and utter commitment. There would be no grey, just a world of black and white. Just like I’d steadfastly substituted rosé for red wine post-labor day, I’d replace paisley dresses with color-blocked ones. With the same dedication with which I’d moved from nectarines to apples, I’d move from waistcoats to suede trenches. Because even though a slice of pumpkin pie can feel weird mid-September when it’s still seventy-five degrees out…you’ve got to make the change at some point; the weather just takes too damn long. It’s time you stop waiting, grab fall by the balls and say: “Hey world, it’s fall!”

Believe me, it’s going to feel so good tomorrow when you rock those over-the-knee boots and everyone looks at you like you’re f****** crazy…but awesome.

Written by Laura Kosann

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