Neighborhood Guide To The Upper East Side

Brett Heyman, creator of the handbag and clutch label Edie Parker, is one of those designers you just want to hang with. It could be because she’s a Tripp Lake Camp girl at heart (like us!) but it’s probably because we’re just sort of in love with everything she makes. We got her guide to the Upper East Side and long story short: You’ll find us up there this weekend.

“I’m out of bed at 6:45am. I make a double espresso from my Nespresso machine. Side note: Nespresso has changed my life. It’s the most important device I have. I pour it over ice and homemade brazil nut milk. It’s delicious. At 8:45am I am done dropping off both kids at school and start my walk to work. Every morning I stop at Via Quadronno on 73rd and Madison. I get a fresh squeezed grapefruit juice over ice and some kind of portable breakfast. Croissants, mini Panini with tomato mozzarella, an egg fritata, or fruit salad. If I am going straight to work from here I will head West and walk through the park to 60th and Madison. Central Park is one of the best parts of NYC and I try to take advantage of it as much as possible.

My exercise regimen depends on how energetic I feel on any given month. Ideally I am fitting in pilates at Erika Bloom across from my office, and a couple of days of AKT. I don’t make a tremendous amount of time for my fitness, but if I did I would visit SLT more (love) and SoulCycle on 83rd and 3rd.

At 10:45 I’m in the office. My office starts talking about lunch around 11:30am. You really have to time the delivery window right or you can be waiting for two hours in midtown. My seamless go-to deliveries: Beyond Sushi, Tenzan, Butcher Block, Chop’t, and Candle Café.

If it’s nice out and I can find a friend, I love going out to lunch. My favorite neighborhood lunch restaurants are Amaranth, Nobu, Casa Lever, the Mark hotel and Milos. All delicious and lively.

After lunch I go back to work, but for the purpose of this guide lets make this a special day.

In the afternoon I’d be visiting neighborhood shops – Bergdorf Goodman, Barneys, FD Gallery, the new Gianvito Rossi boutique, Ludivine, and Roundabout resale boutique. These are my regular haunts but Madison Avenue has any store you could want to visit, from contemporary to very high-end. Please see: new Givenchy and Alexander McQueen stores.

In terms of culture, we lost the Whitney, but we still have the best museums. I make a point to regularly visit MoMA, the MET, and the Guggenheim. They are such iconic New York institutions and they never disappoint. Others I visit less frequently but are worth mentioning are The Frick and the Cooper Hewitt.

For a manicure, I love Spa Niobe on 72nd and Lex. It’s very clean and they serve an extensive tea menu.

At 6pm I’m home with my kids. At 7:30pm I’d go out for cocktails. We aren’t known for our nightlife uptown but we do have fantastic hotels where you can easily find a stiff drink in a dark bar. My favorite is the Carlyle because the martini comes with a little refill on the side and the snacks are delicious. Oh – and they play live jazz while you imbibe. I can also be found at the Mark, the Surrey, the Regency and the Four Seasons Hotel.

Dinner at 8:30pm. If I have had a martini at any of the aforementioned its unlikely I am leaving the neighborhood for dinner. My husband and I wander into JG Melon, Mezzaluna, Toloache, Sasabune, Sant Ambroeus or Sette Mezzo.

By 10:30pm in the evening I am ready to crawl into bed and watch the Housewives of any city. But when I was a younger person and if I wanted a nightcap I always liked Hudson Bar and Books on Lexington. Its dark and smokey. And while I have never been to Beautique, I saw it recently on my favorite Bravo show and it looks amazing.”

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