Why Should We Meditate?

From Kelly Morris.

Relaxing in a town like New York City is like trying to relax while being mugged. Everywhere you look, the city is begging you to flip out and move to Alaska. The New Yorkers I work with are some of the city’s smartest, most talented people. There is a real pressure to be their best and to remain at the top of their game. Here are a few of the tips I give them to make city life a bit more heavenly.

1. Do yourself the biggest favor and learn how to meditate. It’s hands down the fastest way to feng shui that mess called your mind. My coaching clients sign an actual contract agreeing to meditate. Not much changes without it.

2. Watch your mouth. Every time we say something negative, we attract that very thing right to our door. Time to uptick your chatter. Avoid gossip. Try this rule: no talking about anyone that isn’t in the room.

3. Be nice to people. Everyone. From the deli guy, to the cabbie, to the doorman, to your Mom. And remember, Periscope is watching. You could be broadcast to millions the next time you get highhanded with that waiter who brought you Evian instead of Panna.

4. Clean up your diet. Processed food, GMO food (that’s everything not specifically labeled ‘organic’), sugar and caffeine all serve to make you nuts. Try Rooibos tea with organic half and half and a touch of low-glycemic agave. It’s like dessert for breakfast and calming at the same time.

5. Get a Tui Na massage once a week. Many of my clients love massage but don’t love the amount of time it eats up. Greasy, lavender-scented hair anyone? Chinese massage means no Enya, no oil, no naked, no candles. In other words, no fake foreplay. You walk in, leave your clothes on, get the rub of your life and leave, makeup intact and all stress gone. You can stay for ten minutes or two hours; it’s up to you. Generally, these places can be on the grimy side so are not for the fastidious/hygienically sensitive.

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