The Little Black Tank

Everyone talks about ‘the little black dress’ but what about ‘the little black tank?’ You know that one; it sits in your closet post-summer because you think it can’t be out and about in the cold weather. But oh, how wrong you are. The beauty of the little black tank is that it transitions as seamlessly from summer to fall as it does day to night. Whether it flies solo during daytime in warmer weather, or under a blazer when the temperature drops, then dances into nighttime perhaps solo again and paired with a great pair of earrings: The little black tank is just as important as that easy dress we’re always talking about. And it’s surprisingly washable with Tide Pods Free & Gentle…so you don’t have to journey with it to the dry cleaners as often as you brush your teeth.

A basic responsible for the day-to-night or season-to-season you can be washable. Admit it, you’ve probably worn the tank ten times in the past week, so clearly its upkeep process should be seamless and carefully crafted. Tide Pods Free & Gentle is the new technology that lets us wash the basics we’re addicted to at home (hence making our lives 1,000 times easier). Because who wants to bring a certain item of clothing to the dry cleaner three times a week, hence risking the dry cleaner judgement stare? Consider washing more of your wardrobe at home simply because with Tide Pods Free & Gentle and Downy Fabric Conditioner, it’s easy to.

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