The Stars of Scandal

There was a time, a year and a half back, when Danielle and I were so obsessed with the show Scandal, we went to Los Angeles for the sole purpose of shooting as many actors on the show as we could, and putting them up on our site. Do you want to know what’s changed since a year and a half ago? Nothing.

With the second episode of Season 5 airing tonight, we’re throwing back to all our shoots by sharing outtakes with each star that you didn’t necessarily get to see the first time around. The real question at this point is: By being one of the only Scandal stars not on our site yet, is Olivia Pope being disloyal to President Fitzgerald Grant? We’d say yes. Kerry Washington, you’re the missing piece.

Read the full interviews with Tony Goldwyn, Bellamy Young, Darby Stanchfield, Katie Lowes, and Kate Burton.