Top 20 NYC Healthy Lunches

Oh me, oh my, it’s Monday. And while you may not be physically hung over, you have that emotionally-charged guilt-riddled hangover where all the foods and drinks you consumed are running through your head like credits after a feature film.  Number 1: Know we are all in the same boat. A.K.A. it’s not just you that rediscovered your love of Buffalo wings at Sunday Football (which you swore you weren’t going to) Number 2: Know that after a week of conscious eating, you will feel like your old self again by Friday, or by Thursday when you may be deciding to go out again.

Healthy weekday lunches can be a tough thing to find, depending on both your attitude and the area of the city you’re in. Attitude wise, some of us can fall into the trap of associating weekday lunches as some sort of punishment; like we only deserve food as fuel at work and not as something we can sit back and enjoy (even if just for 15 minutes). Some of us also have the bad luck of working in midtown, which can sometimes seem a far-off universe where quality food is ostracized and chains are on the upswing. Whatever the case may be for you, we’ve carefully hand selected 20 spots around the city that have quality healthy lunches, and we’ve included the item we order at each.

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Photographed by Tanya Maithai.