Are Uggs Back?

When you ditched UGGs, you were harsh. Your verbiage was somewhat reminiscent of that Taylor Swift song “We are never, ever, ever getting back together.” At that last resounding “ever” your UGGs were left dejected, no doubt stored somewhere depressing or becoming less of a shoe and more a stuffed animal to your family Golden Retriever.

But when we think back on UGGs we can’t help but think of all the great times; middle school recesses, high school snow days…there was some good stuff there, right? In their heyday, we vowed to never wear them with bare legs (but then we did), we couldn’t envision any scenario that included black leggings without them and there even came a point in time where our UGGs had begun to feel less like footwear and more like family. Either they were a part of us (like, on our feet), or they were sitting patiently at the door when we woke up in the morning…waiting for us.

We’re not saying we’re bringing back the actual UGG, but we do like to think there’s some great footwear out there reminiscent of that quintessential millennial mascot. You have two choices: Shop our UGG-inspired picks above, or quit being stubborn and go back to your UGGs with your tail between your legs. Say you want to make it work. Because as much as you told them it wasn’t them it was you, it was you…because you chose UGGs to begin with.

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