Our Fall Uniform

Did you have a school uniform growing up? Even for those potatoheads who didn’t, you definitely always had some sort of go-to outfit obsession year to year – from Juicy Couture terry cloth pants to pastel colored Northfaces. As adults, our go-to uniform has changed, and we’d say our fall one is comprised of the following: the quintessential striped shirt, a button down to layer over it, jeans and an army jacket. It’s these basics that make up the high/low mix that is our closet space, and sometimes we just want to throw basics into the wash…not into the hands of an overpriced drycleaner.

You’d be surprised how much of your wardrobe is actually washable, especially the part responsible for outfitting the day-to-day you. And just like your seamless outfit, its upkeep process should be just as seamless. Enter Tide Pods Free & Gentle, the new man in our lives that is actually not a boyfriend lugging our clothes to the drycleaner, but rather the new technology that let’s us wash our clothes at home (hence making our lives 1,000 times either). So while you’d never think of breaking up with your dry cleaner (you two have been through too much together), you can consider washing more of your wardrobe at home simply because with Tide Pods Free & Gentle and Downy Fabric Conditioner you can…and you will.

*Sponsored by Tide