Modern Family Takes Over The World

We like to think of the peeps on Modern Family as close acquaintances, and aren’t they kind of? I mean we went trick or treating with Aubrey Anderson-Emmons, riffed on other characters with Jesse Tyler Ferguson and found out Phil Dunphy’s favorite cocktail from Ty Burrell. In other words, you could say we’re basically best friends with the cast…really they’re like our second family. They just may not know it yet.

Tonight the show returns for yet another season, we couldn’t think of a better way to commemorate it than throwing back to soundbites from our interviews with Phil Dunphy and Mitchell Pritchett and (because we save the best for last) our Trick –Or-Treating adventure with Lily…

Jesse Tyler Ferguson

Can you pick out the funniest thing that’s ever happened on the Modern Family set? What was it?

Aubrey [Anderson-Emmons], who plays my daughter Lily, joined the cast of our show in the third season. She had never been on a television set before. After her first scene on her first day she looked up at Eric [Stonestreet] and me and said, “Are you real people? Cause you live in a fake house.”

Something fun to know about each of your cast members…

Eric is one of the most generous people I know. He does so much for his family and friends. He makes me look bad.

Ed [O’Neill] loves to cook. He also loves to talk about cooking. Each day usually starts with a run-down of the meal he made for himself last night.

Sofia [Vergara] has a picture of my Mom and aunt in her trailer. They are wearing clothes from her K-Mart line, and Sofia thinks they should be models for the new collection.

Ty [Burrell] is an amazing cook as well. He and I are foodies, and love trying new restaurants together. He also owns a bar and a restaurant in Salt Lake City.

Julie [Bowen] has more energy packed into her tiny frame than a full-sized windmill.

Sarah [Hyland] is my musical theater buddy. We are both obsessed with Broadway, and now Aubrey (who plays Lily) is getting the itch!

Nolan [Gould], Rico [Rodriguez], and Ariel [Winter] all now have their driver’s licenses, which freaks me out.

Ty Burrell

What spots in LA would we most likely find Phil Dunphy? Why? 

Probably at the water park. If we’re talking food, I think Phil would probably be found in line at Pink’s in perpetuity.

What would Phil Dunphy’s drink be at Bar X? 

The Pink Lady

Aubrey Anderson-Emmons

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