The Best Black Yoga Pant

So you read our piece about printed yoga pants and you responded the same way you did at the end of your last date: “I’m not that kind of girl.” Enter the black yoga pant.

One way us potatoheads like to exercise is wearing our workout gear for the day without actually ever working out. Even if we don’t make it to the gym, the act of wearing our Lululemon pants while shopping, walking the dog or even buying a Mr. Softee somehow makes us feel more active and productive than if we were in regular clothes. You’ve never responsibly wolfed down Smart Pop until you’ve done it in black yoga pants; we swear it’s less calories that way.

The black yoga pant doubles as great life gear and workout gear (especially for those of us that like to sit in the back row at SoulCycle, not the front), so we picked our six favorites for the upcoming season…

1. Live the Process V stretch-Supplex leggings

2. adidas Originals La Snake Print Stripe Leggings

3. Beyond Yoga Performance Capri Leggings

4. Nike Legend 2.0 stretch-jersey leggings

5. SOLOW Daniella Clarke Embossed Leggings