A Post Event-Week Reboot

Do you feel less like flesh and bones this week, and a little more like a walking vessel of champagne and appetizers? No, you’re not muddling through allergies…you’re attempting to recover from being imbibed by fall events (whether work or pleasure related).

Fall’s the time when we all are simultaneously pissed and excited to see our coworkers and friends of old – aka the ones that actually took summer break. As a result, somehow our post-labor day detox – that seemed such a good idea at the time – becomes office happy hours and autumn dinner parties (or for many of us simply fashion week).

Well, we gave you a pre-fashion week tuneup from Anna Kaiser, and now we’re giving you a post-fashion week reboot. Because even if you haven’t done Rosh Hashanah and NYFW in tandem like us potatoheads have (that’s right, try explaining the Altazurra SS16 show to Grandma) you still deserve a recharge…

1. Try a new, fun, upbeat workout. Honestly, I know you are exhausted, but you will feel like a new person after sweating out all of those toxins and reconnecting to your body (after staring at all those other bodies). It’s truly something just for you. (Might I suggest a super sweaty dance sesh at AKT InMotion?)

2. Drink three liters of water, or 8oz every hour. Check in with yourself on the hour. Have I had any water this hour?  It’s super easy to forget, but stick with it for two days to rehydrate yourself.

3. No reason to end the buzz of NYFW. Put together a new Spotify playlist from all the amazing music you’ve been listening to at the shows this week to continue the inspiration. It will help pump up your energy and your soul.

4. An easy, herbal DIY: Fresh Recovery Soak. Grab some Epsom salts at a local pharmacy, a new candle, a cucumber, and some basic essential oils (lavender, peppermint, rose, eucalyptus). Run a hot bath and add two cups of Epsom and 2 oz of essential oils to the water. Light the candle to signify the start of your new week, and place the two cucumber slices over your eyes. Breathe, and relax. (Maybe even put on your new playlist as you let the solution heel, calm, and restore your muscles.)

5.  Disconnect. This is the most important one. Put your phone down and leave it at home. Take a 20-30 minute brisk walk through the park, neighborhood, gardens, etc. Breathe in the fresh air, listen to the sounds of nature, accept and enjoy the silence, and leave the crazy world of social media (for just a small period) behind you. The sunshine actually helps reset your circadian rhythms so you will sleep better at night and wake up refreshed. Plus, you may actually discover a new source of “inspo” without that damn device!