Ready For The Emmys?

Television can be the canvas for the constant lies we tell our peers and ourselves. We caught a couple episodes of Real Housewives of New York City but didn’t even realize they did a Reunion…It’s hard to keep up with Pretty Little Liars…The Bachelor has gotten too ridiculous to watch: There’s a good chance you’ve said one (or all) of the above. Nevertheless, TV and the talent that star in it never get old, and there are too many reasons to love it.

Our biggest reason for 2015 can only be summed up like this: No one puts Mindy in the corner. Mindy Kaling’s show The Mindy Project got cancelled by Fox – which usually means we’d never see it again. But lo and behold, Hulu pulled a steal a la The Voice (we’re only speaking in TV terms today) snatching up the show faster than Olivia Pope exposes a politician or Frank Underwood steals the presidency (if you don’t get these references, move on over to another article and we’ll try not judge you).   

All in all there are too many reasons to love TV, one being the Emmys on Sunday. To celebrate, we rounded up 40 great quotes from 40 great TV actors. A show about television, celebrating television, that’s on television…we’re fans.